Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five Haikus

How I miss your smile
and the joy it used to give
me when I saw it

The curve of your lips
The lines around your lush mouth
made me crave your kiss

The warmth of your eyes
touched me somewhere deep inside
A place meant for you

A place where my soul
at this moment,  cries for you
Oh I miss your smile

I loathe this silence
this suffocating silence
between us my love

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

pre and post war

My, how I have neglected this blog.    Tsk tsk.  Such a shame.

Folks,  I've been going through some shit.  Some pretty heavy, emotional shit and my life has been turned on it's ear.   I'm working my way through it and while I won't come out the other side smelling very fresh,  I hope to eventually be a better,  stronger person for it.  However,  I've done some damage and the carnage ain't over yet I'm afraid.

Bear with me.  I'm trying.

And yes...I'll be back,  just as foul mouthed as ever.