Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shitty Blogger

Yes kids and skidmarks, I'm a shitty blogger.   Why?  Uh, well.....for starters I haven't posted anything in months.   And I only have one follower.   What does THAT tell you???   Duh.

I'm also too broke to pay for a decent blog hosting site.   Shit, I don't even KNOW about all that bloggety-blog bullshit stuff anyway.  I'd have to pay someone to figure all that out for me, but since I can't even afford a decent blog, I can't very well pay someone else to figure out what decent blog I need and how to navigate it. So, I'm stuck with this. And if you're reading this, so are you.  So MLEH!  ;-P

Also, I have had my head shoved so far up me own arse that I haven't really had time to stew on any decent blog topics.  There has been a LOT of drama in my life the last year and while it's true some of it has died down in the last month or so, it's still there, simmering below the surface.  Just WAIT til the shit hits the fan, kids.  Just wait. 

So what HAVE I been doing with myself?  Surviving.  That's about it.   Maybe kinda sorta half living.  There are few things I take joy in these days and everything else is a misery to me.  My lack of employment, my fat, lumpy, weak and utterly inflexible body and my inability to get off that fat, lumpy ass and do something about it, to name a few.   Aaaaaand the fact that just today I did do something about it, only to realize I've let myself go SO much that I hate myself even more.   I'm such a bitch for doing this to myself!!!!  LOL  OK OK, that's not very nice of me, to hate me so much.   I don't hate me.  I'm just disgusted with the state of me.   And sadly, I'm the only one who can do anything about it.  FUCK!  

Speaking of fuck......I need to fuck off and go do something productive.  Since I'm still one of the woefully unemployed (and by God, I hope that changes as of next week!) I need to earn my keep around here.  There are dishes to do, beds to be made and floors to be vacuumed. 

YAY!  *insert evil looking scowl here*

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  1. Where the hell is the subscribe button Womyn ? I was looking all over and could not find it even before I read this post! Hey and I have a shitty blog too that has a whole 2 followers! Lol